• The stars need to align!

    Yesterday was a crazy day. Several orders needed filling so I decide I can carry coffee, a dog,labels and a gallon of water all at once into the manufacturing area. But you all understand there is a dog gate there to keep my dogs in with me. 

    The tip of my shoe hits the gate and I go flying! Fawn is fine. But I am black and blue all over. I was covered on coffee and water but I saved the dog and the labels. Today I have several bruises but am ok. My jeans are ruined and they were brand new. But I managed to get all the orders out and then came home and went to bed!

    But this past week has been insane. The bugs for reptile customers are late due to weather and my dogs have been behaving terribly! Not sure why. The label order was wrong, If it can go wrong it is! 

    I have decided today I am going to take some deep breaths and pray to the bug gods that they arrive for our clients. Fawn and April have likely been picking up on my energy and I need to be back to normal. NO MORE FUNK! I will not allow it!

    How was your day? LOL, I hope better then ours. 

    Although the trainer came for Fawn and April and Ryley and Layla go after my dogs and I will say the highlight of my day was watching Layla learn like it was no ones business. She is so motivated and happy to have a job. I know she is Janines dog but... It was adorable. 

    Make today ROCK!!!



    Posted by Lisa Acton
  • It has been too long!

    So many new things are happening, we have been terribly busy. New Scents, a subscription box, rescue and I miss adventures. I love what we are doing,I feel like I am in a slump. I love the store and the rescue and I get excited for every sale but I am dreading the holidays. Sales and so much recuperation. I feel like Something is missing. 

    I think Janine and I may need to take a day and have some craziness. I have created some new products, I am excited about releasing them! Plus we have a fun new Scents of the month box. 

    Rescue birds and dogs are our passion. We currently have a sweet (kinda mean) Macaw named Andy. He is in the shipping room with me every day. He does not trust. He is so afraid. I finally got him to allow me to pet him and come to me, take food gently and we are slowly getting there and hopefully someday he will be adoptable. 

    Today I am going to try and give him a bath. Yikes! 

    Janine and I have had a hard time, Losing Chris, Missing Andrew. Two important souls in our mission. We think about them every day. 

    We have several events coming, for the rescue and our brand. We have some amazing volunteers and so much is going on. Joe and I set up my office/shipping room the other morning. We had a great time. I think time is what I am missing though. There is none, not an extra moment. That may be what needs to change. But how? How do you balance it all? 

    That is the question for today? I will ponder...

    Make today amazing! 


    Posted by Lisa Acton
  • New things, it has been a while!

    It has been several month's since we blogged. It has been busy, new store, many rescues, and some family stuff. 

    This has been a hard journey, but we continue. Failure is not an option. 

    We have been bringing all the leftovers to the shop, oy going through all of it is quite a chore. But for you all it means amazing sales and gearing up for the holiday's. But we will be ok. 

    Looking forward to some new things for 2019! New products new store, new journey. I will try harder to keep you all updated. 

    Live today with love!



    Posted by Lisa Acton
  • Drink Coffee...

    You already know we are fueled by caffeine, right? Yesterday was a great 5 cup day! 

    Tonight I will be labeling for several hours. Not sure I am ready for it today but, yesterday I was off for a day. A much needed one.

    I finally cleaned my house. Not going to lie it has been a while since it got a good cleaning like mopping and washing the walls. I feel so much better. All the dishes are done and laundry put away. I love it!

    Last night was relaxing a bit also. Gina and I had a good time. We ran some errands and made lunches for the rest of the week. Had a fun call with face-time and Cristi, Gina's mother.  My father and son came for a short visit to pick up Timmy's car. I had a pantry delivery and went to the DMV . I feel like I accomplished a lot. 

    I am also making a scarf for some unlucky person. I am trying to show Gina that whether something is great or not you have to finish what you start. I may have to give it to my mother though as she is likely the only one who will like it. LOL it is a mess. Maybe she can hang it on the fridge like when I was a kid. HAHA

    I know she reads the blog every day, so here's your warning Mom. 

    But it is a life lesson. One Gina needs to learn. Maybe we can ground her for something and make her wear it for a month, What do you think?

    I am so grateful for good days though. I need them, I think we all do. My Son was so excited last night to drive his new car. My Dad got a new one and gave him the car and well he was so excited, His birthday is coming too so we are so happy to see him well almost jumping for Joy. That's right Tim I could see it, you held it back like a trooper. But seeing you so happy is good for me and makes me so happy. 

    I hope you all have an amazing day!



    Posted by Lisa Acton
  • We are here to create a NEW World

    We have always said LCM and Mountain Haven is a movement. It really is. I saw a post that said " Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do"

    Well we are changing the world for pets and their people here in our county. The store is getting great feed back. We are meeting the community who never even knew we existed.

    This sweet guy came in the other day and asked why? Why is this store here? We told him about LCM and Mtn Haven and well he bought a few things and he donated $100. It was great, he told us about his dog and how excited he was that we are here. 

    Right now we are all working 7 days a week and it is ok. We look forward to our weekends at the boutique. 

    This weekend there was caroling and we decided to give out cocoa shots. No alcohol. It was a huge success. Freezing cold but so much fun. 

    Meeting the community is just well, fun! Janine and I love it. April is great and brings in so many new friends. Joe has finally accepted her and it is going great. I type this as she eats my sock, yep the one on my foot. I love her! she is so much fun for me and I went to my parents the other day and missed her. LOL oy vey!

    She had a sleep over at Janines and had a great time. When I got back the greeting she gave me was wonderful! I love my birds but they do not get that excited when I get home. They actually get mad that I left them. This is different and wonderful. She makes me so happy even though she pulls my hair at night and bites my ears. 

    I guess dogs are amazing! They make you feel so good! 

    What makes you happy? 

    Be amazing today!


    Posted by Lisa Acton