As I slowly get back to working and trying to find a sense of normal, I am trying to keep myself as busy as I can. Making product really helps me, as does working on the website. 

I wonder who else notices that our animals are so intune with us? Can you relate? My birds have been so cuddly and Xena and Arki are just hooting and being very sweet.Although she wants to stay by me and is killing a lot of toilet paper and trying to get me to play all the time. It's like they know I am struggling. Grace my cockatoo is even allowing her daily bath without a fight. I just love animals so much. They always seem to know what we need. I know they see that Andrew is not here also and I wonder if they share in my grief?

We are preparing for another event with Lord and Taylor and we have lots to do. I am certain it will be as big a success as the last one.

We are excited to introduce the small animal line and the new bedding for snakes and small animals. Also a natural line of toys made from hardwood. They will be oodles of fun for parrots and small animals. 

I love the fact that we are non stop working on making our products better. We are getting great testimonials from clients and that makes my day.

I know I can speak for all of us when I say, we are doing this because of our passion and love for our companion animals. Every time we sell something part of the proceeds go to the pet food pantry.

Last week we delivered pet food to the elderly and oh how they love their pets. Being able to help them provide and keep their companion animals brings so much joy to all of us. When we arrived we were greeted with excitement and stories about their pets and how much they are loved. 

So thank you all for helping us with our mission to save animals both wild and domestic and keep companion animals in loving homes rather then end up in shelters. 



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