It started out as an innocent little plant that I held in my hand. Then it became this monster of a bush that I was quite proud of.  Then it sprouted up everywhere!  and I truly mean EVERYWHERE.  There are random thick bushes of Lemon Balm all over my front yard.  This has been my "go to" plant for the many hard to plant and thrive areas that exists on my property. It's pretty, leafy, and smells just great.  But what to do with all of this herb?

Given the fact that this plant is just about strangling me at my front door to grab my attention, I figured it best to succumb to its request and research it further as an additive to more than just my cooking adventures.  Lo and behold, now I get it!  Lemon Balm is amazingly beneficial for skin, hair, and mood.  It possesses mild antibacterial properties as well as uplifting and energizing when taken orally as a tea.  Additionally, it tends to repel some pesky insects.  

So now, given all this new knowledge and the fact that Lemon Balm plain old smells great, you can bet that we will be incorporating this abundant herb into some of our new product recipes.  So since my hubs wants me to remove some displaced bushes of the lemon balm that have popped up in the flower bed, choking out the rose bushes and other plantings, I will put this chore on my list for this weekend.  I can hardly wait to incorporate the lemon balm in to our all natural goat's milk bar soap. That's the perfect motivator for me to tackle this aggressive herbal goodness. Let the drying begin!  

xoxo - Janine

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