Yesterday afternoon I had a great day with my favorite Aunt and my cousins. They came up and we went berry picking! 

Janine told me not to eat them all! 

I did not listen. We got blueberries and blackberries and raspberries! Jazlyn who is 5 years old had never picked berries before and she is hilarious. Every time we would see a bunch of ripe ones she would yell, I found a LOTTO berries! So cute. 

We literally ate more then we should have but had so much fun! 

Gina is staying for a week and I get to have a girl for a week! I love it! 

We are going to have some awesome adventures this week and I look forward to telling you all about them! She is an animal lover and they had a petting zoo and clearly you could see animals are drawn to her! It must be a family thing!

She kissed a cow and liked it! haha

Well Happy Wednesday, there is nothing better then family so we are off for a new adventure!


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