Busy is an understatement. 

Sleep deprived and achy and I keep asking myself if I am too old for this? Moving boxes and furniture, staying up making orders, waking up with labels stuck to me. This is whats happening folks. I am tired!!!!

My normal coffees are just not cutting it. But i am excited. We have so much to look forward to. I can not wait for 2018. 16 and 17 sucked!

We moved the armoir that was Andrew's the other day and every time I look at it now I think of him. Not that I need a reminder, I miss him so much. But this is a good reminder. He worked on it so precisely. Made all the shelves inside and that is where he left me his ideas for LCM. It is a peaceful feeling when I look at it, I know he would approve of what we are doing and I just know he would have been a big part of it. In some ways he is. 

Last night some of the products for the store arrived and I got so excited. I feel like Sybil right now. I must make time for a full nights sleep before the grand opening. And Possibly a massage, no definitely a massage. 

We still have orders Pouring in (pun intended) and we are keeping up. Thank goodness. The holidays are approaching and we have 4 events also happening. Black Friday and oy, my brain I cannot think anymore. 

So how are you? Lol I need a subject change. 

Make today AMAZING!




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