After a full day of stress at work, and trying to fight off whatever illness is trying to cohabitate in my body, I was looking forward to plunking down in front of my computer and laying out the new Synergy labels.  Before hitting home, I needed to stop at the town grocery and pick some ingredients up for a soup I wanted to quickly throw together for dinner.  As I picked up the first few ingredients and was strolling the next aisle an announcement came over the loud speaker, “attention shoppers, we are sorry for the inconvenience, but our credit machines are down and we can only accept cash or check for your purchases”.  Hmmm…this was problematic.  As Lisa can attest, yours truly rarely carries sufficient actual money.   This meant the ATM was down too, and the only cash I have set aside is for the bridge toll should my EZ pass fail me….not sufficient to cover these purchases.  So I set about placing the products back on their shelves and headed home.  On the way I was thinking of what I could put together quickly to eat while sitting behind the computer.  Multi-tasking continues even at home base.  As I entered my house I saw Marc was already in the kitchen, I told him of my dinner plans and how they were abruptly put on the back burner for the night and we had to make do with whatever.  He laughed and said “They blew up the High Falls bridge today and it knocked out the internet and the phones, all of Stone Ridge was out all day, you can see it on YouTube, well once the internet is back, ha ha..”  Oy Vey, I needed the internet to do the label work.  I tried to get a text over to Lisa even though my network extender wasn’t working and my cell phone indicated no bars of service.  Don’t ask me how but the message got across.  In typical Lisa fashion, she asked if I needed anything.  Smiling and laughing to myself I replied “Nope, going to just eat dinner  and watch a video”.  Leave it to Lisa..always asking if you need anything, and always ready  to lend a hand. 

So not being plugged in meant not receiving emails, not being able to work past a normal hour, and not being able to obsessively check the weather forecast.  This made for a relaxing evening once the guilt of not being able to get the label layouts done lifted.  Until something like this happens, you never realize how dependent you are on the internet and cell phones.  Our entire town was at a standstill, no banking, no pumping gas unless you had cash, the insurance guy couldn’t process anything, the grocery was virtually empty of customers and things were strangely quiet as if we were weathering a storm of sorts.  The quiet was interesting, soothing, and served a purpose.  It forced me to decompress, regroup and refuel by being forced into relaxing.  What a shame that we need to be forced into relaxing, but that is the side effect of constantly being plugged in to computers, cellphones and everything else that comes with a flashing light, beep, alert, and power cord.

 Well all in all it was a welcome inconvenience.  I went to sleep at a normal hour and so far as a result, I am a bit more productive this morning.  Not sure how I will feel about cramming all the label work in tonight, but…hey it’s LCM, we sacrifice for what we love.  At 6am the services were restored and now that I am at work, I think I will take a break before attending a meeting and check out the YouTube of the bridge being blown up….only in our little Mid-Hudson Valley town can fire in the hole! knock out more than the intended target. 

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