It seems like whenever we are preparing for an event, a ton of other things come up with tight deadlines. This week is no exception.  No matter how I plan, make lists, plan out the work, things take on a life of their own.  People wonder how we pull all of this off.  Honestly we just take a breath and jump right in.  We are master jugglers.  Sure I may forget something from time to time, but the key is to remain somewhat fluid.  Since we can’t fully manipulate time, nor claim to sync it well with others expectations, we have to be flexible in our own time management. Sounds definitive, like a solid plan of attack, right?  Well….here’s what it really looks like.

6:30 pm, we have conference calls while I am on my commute home.  Thank you Bluetooth technology.  Food is consumed as close to arrival at the home front.  Thank you crock pot and quick grabs from the town grocery.  Dogs are fed, thanks to the hubs.  Some LCM product work is done…or if someone needs logo work for white label asap!, the LCM products are put to the morning and the logo is done and sent out via email by 11:35 pm…thank you high speed internet.  In the morning, I have a window of an hour and half during which to do some product work, consume coffee, send the hubs off with his cup in hand, take care of the dogs, get ready and out the door for work.  On the drive in I hear the message dings on my cell phone, all of which I will answer once in the office.  Once in the office the emails are launched and answered, the phone messages and texts are answered.  Lists are made, bank balance is checked and bills are paid if due. 

Ok so today…well things are going a little sideways, which means I have to manipulate time somewhat between tonight and tomorrow morning and evening. I have to ease up on my own expectations for myself and realize that I can only so much.  The customers come first and everything else will have to fall into some sort of place.  I have to actually schedule in some sleep!  Oh boy.  This morning my unpredictable medication kicked in which made me run late for getting out of the house.  Then end result?  Hair is not done, outfit is not perfect and my unpredictable medication is continuing to play tricks on me. But I’m ok, I am a texting freak of nature, I am chowing down a protein bar and washing it down with a cup of coffee and I am keeping the balls in the air despite an allergy attack that has me sneezing, the odor of something hideous being made in the deli below my office, and an email box that keeps sending me pop-ups every couple of minutes.  Add to this, my cell phone is blowing up, and yet I am happy.

Happiness and chaos seem to go hand in hand my world.  I am happy because there is a lot going on that is good for LCM and Mountain Haven.  I am happy because I get to do this with my best friend, and I am happy because we are in the pet world.  What am I not happy about??  I am not happy that bathrooms in the executive suite are a mile away, and I am not happy that folks feel that if they see you walking that mile they want to ask you something and chat. Sigh.

 Memo to self…. I need to work on my ”not right now face”.

I need another cup of coffee.

Xoxo - Janine

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