I have had only a few Dogs in my life but I remember each one with Love and gratitude. I do however have several dogs in my life now, They are not mine but bring me joy!

Roxy- How I love Mamma dog. Her soft ears and sweet smile, she loves cuddling and sitting in the sun. Ear scratches are her favorite! 

Max- That big solid rock of a dog is so funny and never catches his treat and you just cannot move him at all. But he loves a cuddle and to run outside. He is opinionated but adorable!

Duffer- Well he is my high 10 buddy and his facial expressions are amazing. He helps pack orders by making sure it all fits in one box, by sitting on it. 

Zoey- That cute little stinker who keeps the bullies in check and is a little swiffer, running behind to get any leftover crumbs. She is a sweet lap dog too!

Ariel and Pearl- They are gone now, but left a big dent in my little heart. Ariel was the best treat catcher and they both loved their Thanksgiving meals. When my bestie was not home going over to play with them and sneak in some treats was often the highlight of my day. 

I am not really a dog person, in the sense that I would not own one, But I have found that I do love them. I look forward to seeing them and enjoy being the treat toting Auntie, who spoils them when I can. 

Happy National Dog Day! 

Share the love with your pups today!


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