It really is the simple things, Like making a sale to a new store or client. To me it is about the big picture! Feeding pets on our program for the elderly. Every sale feeds an animal. Did you know that? One 4 oz Paw wax buys a few cans of cat food. The feeding program is growing fast. This week Janine was called about 10 new adorable elderly animal lovers. So the pressure is on, we need to start making more sales and getting more donations. When we show up at these homes and see the love and companionship these animals bring to their elderly pet parents it fills my heart with joy! And a little anxiety. In my head I am thinking ok to add this pet to the program we need to make $20 a month extra to make it happen. We are working incredibly hard. But it is so worth it. 

These folks are adorable, Janine sends me a text saying WOW we have a call for a woman in senior housing with 25 birds? My head starts to spin, what ,25? What kind of birds? Is this a hoarding situation? So Janine as always follows up and she texts me saying she has several wrens and downy woodpeckers and chickadees and named several other wild birds. The rehabber in me panics and says "ummm are they inside her home?" Janine clarifies that they are outside. Whew, However these are not pets although I know bird watching brings such joy. While this falls way outside of our program we will see, maybe I can sneek in a few bags of seed. (out of my own pocket of course) I never encourage feeding wildlife as they need to forage and well BE WILD, however in bad weather or every once in a while, its ok in my book. Joe and I love to bundle up in the winter and sit at our bistro set and drink coffee and watch the wild ones have a snack. So I get it. 

We also have an adorable client with a pair of cockatiels, we arrive at their home to find them so well cared for. The Bird freak in me starts thinking ok they need a bigger cage and the bearded dragon belonging to the sweetest gentleman needs a new heater. So yes we find a way to make sure these animals and people get to love each other for as long as possible. 

Yesterday we recieved a joint text from our Heroes at Petkraze telling us they have a huge overstock of litter. I never thought a truck load of cat litter would make my day, but it did. They always have our backs. We got a beautiful cage donated for the cockatiels also from another rescue that had a spare and we of course got a new heater for the bearded Dragon. I for one am so excited to show up with these goodies for both the animals and the cuties who love them. 

I can not imagine ever having to decide if I can keep my pets due to the inability to feed them. But folks, it really is a big problem. Many of them are on the meals on wheels program and they share their small meals with the animals so they can keep their companions. These animals are their best friends, their companions, the special someone they chat with over coffee. 

So I will get up earlier and make more sales and ask for more donations. Whatever needs doing will get done somehow. Everyone deserves companionship, regardless of their financial situation, age or anything else. 

Plus crazy road trips with Janine, my partner in crime and the driving force behind this program make my life better. The products we create are all made with the health and well being of animals and humans in mind and the love and passion we have for these animals and their pet parents is strong. So please consider making a purchase for several reasons:

to help your pet feel great and to help us help them. Or you can make a donation at 

Have a great day! 


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