Well tomorrow we have another event with Lord and Taylor and we can not wait! It is so much fun and we meet the best people. We are so grateful to be invited to these events. 

Last night was a late night for us all. Packaging and getting everything ready and tonight will be the same. I got to Janine's after work and we started getting everything ready for our table and checking out the new bedding for small animals and the new Parrot toys that will be added to the store soon. 

Every time we get an order we get so excited, we love getting to know our clients and we make special surprises every week to send with every order. We are such goofballs. But in a fun way. Or maybe we are just crazy. 

Loving your animals should be fun. They are our companions and friends. Last night as I entered Janine's her dogs get so excited as I always have treats for them. Last week I got them some Blueberry treats and it appears they are a hit. 

Always greeted by Max first and then Zoe and Duffer and Pearl. But last night I got so excited Roxy heard my voice and came to get her treat and some ear love. She loves when I scratch her ears. Roxy is an old lady and blind from cataracts. But there is something about her that I just adore. Don't tell Duffer though as he thinks he is my favorite. HAHA he greets me with his paws up and gives me a high ten! 

It's funny. I love dogs but not in the way most dog lovers do. I would not have a dog for myself as I am really a bird person. But there is something about these crazy bulldogs that I love. When Janine is not home or away, I have the pleasure of going and playing with them. They are so big and strong and a little leaky with drool, but I don't care. the cuddles and love I get from them is worth a little drool. They made my night with the goofiness. 

If we all lived like dogs it would be an amazing world, full of love and playtime and naps. 

Right now as I write this I am sitting at my desk with a cockatoo on my lap napping. There is nothing better! She told me how much she loves me as she does every morning. Although she is a selfie hog, I tried to take a pic of us but she just made sure to take up the whole thing. It's ok though. She is far cuter then me. :)

My point is this we are doing everything to make this company grow. But the fact that we do it surrounded by one another and these wonderful animals makes our world so much better. 

Have a wonderful day and make sure to give your babies a little lovin! 


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