We have been very busy at LCM. So many new things are on the horizon. 

We are in manufacturing mode big time. So instead of being stressed about the messiness, we have decided to embrace the postal theme in our house for now. 

Every open space is full right now of boxes. Between both homes we have over 75 boxes going out and more being made each day. Orders are coming in fast and this makes us happy. 

Joe and I had the most fun with the tape guns and coffee. We also managed to get Paw wax on the kitchen wall, not sure how that happened, We learned all tape guns are not the same this weekend. Also that it takes 2 showers to get it out of your hair. 

We had some melt downs and labeling failures. But its a learning curve for us all. Right?

Tomorrow 23 boxes are outta here! I may have a party in that corner for the few minutes it is empty. LOL

I will definitely invite Janine for that.

I think we will start a trend on new home decor. What do you think?


Make today amazing! Cherish open space.



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