While driving into work today I heard on the radio that it was bring your child to work day.

Hmm..I don’t have children, but I sure wouldn’t mind bringing one of my fur kids to work.  There are some benefits for sure.  So much so that several companies already have policy in place regarding pets.  A recent recruiting piece for Amazon actually featured the dogs of Amazon.  Yet another reason for me to love and feed my Amazon obsession.  Given the fact that I am always concerned with creating and maintaining culture in the work place, this appeals to me on so many levels. However, keenly aware that this suggestion would never ”fly” at the day job, I am still happy to say that folks here love talking about their pets, and that in itself helps to foster a more carefree and social culture.  It doesn’t matter if you are upper management, mid-level or whatever the role, when the subject is pets, everyone is on a level playing field.  To me this is how it should be.  Yet another illustration of just how important an impact pets have on our lives.  They teach us so much, even when they are not physically present.

So although I cannot bring a bulldog to work today or any other day for that matter, I always represent them in some way.  Their hair and drool is a constant fashion accessory on my pant leg, and my office is decorated with photos and statues of bulldogs.  When someone comes in to see me to discuss something that is pressing or stressful, the conversation usually turns to pets and I notice the relaxation settles in.  We revel in our commonality and once this conversation begins, barriers come down and real work gets done. 

There are cat people, dog people, lizard people, fish people and bird people. 

They are all amazing folks doing great work here. Based on my experience here I can say this with great certainty; pets belong in the workplace, even if they cannot be physically in the environment.  They are true pioneers in corporate culture, blazing new trails to build working relationships, ease the nervousness of patients and clients and proof positive that life is better when you speak “Pet”.

xoxo - Janine

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