Yesterday was a big day for Lisa and me.  We were asked to be guests on the Shine On Health and Happiness show with Kacey.  It was a no-brainer for us to say “Yes!” because we LOVE Kacey! Then the excitement turned to a little bit of panic.  Were there any specific topics we were to cover?  Were we to bring anything other than a live Owl?  What were we supposed to wear?  Then there were the personal questions..the angst that is a huge part of my demeanor.  Will my eye cross, will my words get jumbled, will I pause too much, will my voice be too low? Will I sound too stuffy from my perpetual allergies?  Will I have a coughing fit?  Will I open my mouth and nothing will come out (some might consider this a blessing!) Oy vey, I can truly get myself into quite a state.  We were given no idea of what to expect.  And at some point we actually thought this was going to be a taping for YouTube. All we knew for sure  was the address to be at and the time to be there. We managed to go with our gut on what to wear, and once we located the illusive lint roller, we were good to go.  We were feeling pretty confident that we had everything we would need. 

We gave ourselves plenty of travel time to allow for getting lost, stopping for coffee and stopping to let Arki, out for a breather.  Plus we wanted to give Arki some time to tour the studio so he wouldn’t be fearful of the lights and cameras.  Early on in our ride, we heard Arki perpetually tugging on his carrier.  Lisa thought maybe he had skillfully managed to unlatch the door, which caused me to stop breathing for a brief moment.  We stopped to check it out.  He was fine, although he did get a bit car sick.  It was then that we realized we had forgotten the paper towels and spray cleaner!  This could prove problematic.  Luckily, since neither one of us has managed to squirrel away time to clean out our vehicles, we managed to locate a long forgotten box of tissues and a plastic bag we could repurpose as a barf bag.  Yes, in answer to the question in your mind, Owl’s do barf. The ride was going without a hitch and we didn’t even get lost like we usually do. Looking at the time and realizing that for once it was on our side, we decided to pull into a large parking lot to give Arki a rest stop.  Just before we were ready to get back on our way we saw a familiar item in an odd spot.  It was a reptile cage abandoned in the parking lot.  What are the odds??  This can only happen to us, right???  So we needed to investigate.  Was there a reptile abandoned with it?  We got out and proceeded to look through the nifty housing unit to see if we were going to have a new traveling companion join us.  The habitat was empty, if there was an animal in it initially, it was long gone.  Nothing left behind but the furnishings and water dish in the housing unit and a couple of empty beer cans.  Here’s a photo of Lisa checking it out… because you just can’t make this stuff up!  Yep, even when we are dressed up and wearing heels we stop for possible animal situations.

 Once the GPS told us we arrived at our destination, it didn’t take long for us to realize, this wasn’t going to be a YouTube taping, we were at a television studio.  Oy vey, let the games begin!  After we met some folks, Kacey arrived and we asked her if she had talking points for us, her reply was “Nope, I don’t know what we are doing either!” It was decided that we were just going to have to have faith that this organic approach was going to work in our favor and everything would be fine.  We toured the studio with Arki, and he was fine with all the lights and cameras.  It’s a given, Arki is a pro at being in the public, he loves it..he is an absolute ham, and I have to confide in you all, that I secretly love him.  I will no doubt put my irrational fear of birds on the shelf and hold this endearing guy at some point in time.

So the set transformed into an intimate “tea time” chat with Kacey and before you know it we were wired in for a good time with Kacey and a crew of the sweetest people.  We had a great time talking about Mountain Haven, LCM, Arki and how it all really makes sense in the grand scheme of things. You see, we never know where our adventures are going to take us, all we know is that we are on this wild ride together.  We worry about how we are going to get our message across and even how we look, but in the end everything works out and folks “get us”, we are just two crazy women hell bent on making life better for animals and the people who love them.  So even if our debut on cable vision has us second guessing our hair, makeup, wardrobe and where the heck the lint brush is when you need it, the real stuff that matters is the beauty of the work we do and the terrific people who share our vision and help us tell our story.  Thank you Kacey, Optimum cable and the amazing crew for giving us such a memorable evening and platform to share our vision and passion, you simply rock!  

xoxo- Janine

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