What a crazy weekend. 

The opening went well. I know we are all exhausted though. It was fun and long and oy vey. This morning it was difficult to get out of bed. 

But we are rocking an order we thought we could not finish.

We had fun, Caley our store friend for now loves to put on fashion shows with Gina. 

She is a sweet guinea pig. We know we will find a great home for her. 

We are so excited a kitten was adopted by my Aunt and Uncle. 

It proved to be a great weekend and fun, but exhausting. When I got home my poor foot was angry once I freed it from the ace bandage, I passed out, Apparently so did Gina. She slept at Janine's. Like she does every Saturday. Janine and Marc told me they brought her home and she was very quiet, when they looked for her she was sound asleep. 

Last night we got an injured pigeon from a Nice man who brought it to us, It was in bad shape and I knew it would not make it. I was so concerned for Gina as she has not experienced this part of our lives yet. She did pretty well. She understood when I explained that all we could do for this guy is help him pass warm and without pain. He was so skinny and had a broken wing and foot and had not eaten in some time. We tried hydrating and warming him. Once warm and hydrated we gave him some pain meds and he peacefully passed. We got Gina to bed and then Joe and I took care of everything else. But she helped and wanted too, knowing that he would not make it, but we would always try and at least help any animal in our charge pass as comfortably as we can. I am so proud she understood. I think she will make a great Vet someday if she keeps following her dream. 

As tired as I am today I look forward to more tiring weekends and a great boutique, that helps feed animals and keep them in their loving homes. 

I am proud of us, Our little family by choice. XOXO 




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