I am not sure if we have mentioned it lately, but we have another partner. She is a wonderfully talented graphics person. She rounds out our team and is just the sweetest most loving person. 

Sarah likes to be quiet on the sidelines, working with her is a pleasure. She loves to send little gifts like the image I used today. I am in love with this image. It shows the love that we feel and the passion in everything that we do. 

Creating these kinds of images that bring on emotion is a gift. 

Sarah unfortunately does not live as close as we would like. But when we are together it is nothing short of magical. We have fun doing well... nothing. 

I wanted to share this as she is one of our gifts in life. Friends that share passion are hard to come by. It is another reminder in life to count your blessings. Always. 

Cherish today and everyday. 


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