What we are all about:
LCMpet is a product line and a movement.  It is our mission to support the needs of all animals, both wild and domestic.

A Portion of the proceeds from the sale of our ethically produced products go to Mountain Haven Animal Rescue and Support Services, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Mountain Haven Animal Rescue is an organization dedicated to providing and preserving the quality of life for both wild and domestic animals.  Their model is unique, focusing on creating and providing supportive services from rehabilitation and wildlife release to innovative surrender prevention programs for domestic companion animals.

Programs currently in the works include a robust pet food pantry designed to help pet owners facing temporary financial hardship.  This initiative is focused on keeping beloved pets in their loving homes.  Additionally, Mountain Haven is working on creating a foster care program for the pets of active duty military members ensuring soldiers their pets will be lovingly cared for until they return home. Mountain Haven also understands the power of aligning like minded organizations in the common goal of providing for animals.

Our focus is clear, we help wounded and orphaned wildlife return to the life they are meant to live and assist companion animals to remain in their homes thereby reducing the number of domestic animals surrendered to already overburdened shelters.

LCMpet products are designed to nurture and preserve as well as create change and protect all animals.  Now this is change we can all feel good about.