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I have been grooming my dogs for many years now and have used countless pet shampoos and conditioners. Your product has by far been the best that I have ever used and will continue to do so.
Thank You,
The Synergy Hand Wax has Changed My Life!
I have had dry cracking hands for years and I started using the Hand Wax and no more cracks or bleeding. I recommend this product to EVERYONE! Thank you for changing my life!
The Pawtection Wax is so healing and so different from the other paw waxes. My dog loves it and I use the excess on my hands. Feels great and my cuticles and her paws have never been better. 
Linda V.
The fine people at @lcmsynergy @lcmpet sent me some samples of their products. They're made with ingredients for humans but can be used on animals as well. This hand wax is amazing. While it goes on a little greasy the skin soaks it right up. The unscented version works for me since I have sensitive but they also have a nice scented one as well. My hands look and feel better! Visit them at http://lcmpet.com/about-us.html to find out about their rescue and support of both domestic and wild animals and how to order their awesome products!
Gabby H.

LCMpet asked me to try some bird products and give my opinion on them. (I received these products free of charge from LCMpet.com in an exchange for my honest review.)
I used these products on Pico, my 10 year White Bellied Caique. One thing I really like is LCMpet uses natural ingredients that can be used not only on humans but animals as well. Another thing is a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these ethically produced products go to Mountain Haven Animal Rescue and Support Services, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization. This organization is dedicated to providing and preserving the quality of life for both wild and domestic animals.

1) Blueberry Avian Myst – I LOVE this! It smells so good! You can smell it days after.

2) Avian Calming Myst – I'm told this is really great for pluckers. Pico isn't a plucker but is in her hormonal season now and going through a molt. I have to say it helped a little on the calming, but not a lot. It did seem to help a lot with soothing her skin. She doesn’t seem to be scratching as much.

3) Avi-Pedi – After using it on my bird’s feed, I can tell a difference. Pico is starting to actually lay on her back while I rub the Avi-Pedi on her feet. Talking about a diva.

Also, I was fortunate enough to be able to try a couple of human products too! The lip balm is wonderful. It’s not your typical chap stick. It’s very soft when applying and your lips feel really good. The Hand Wax makes your hands so smooth. It feels a little greasy, but your skin soaks it up.

You ask.....would I recommend these products? YES, by all means!


I bought your lavender body butter. I have tried so many different products.
Yours is luxurious and the scent is beautiful and enduring. I even tried it on the hard to deal with heels on my feet. It has worked miracles in a short period of time!


 I just used the Barkin Bliss  last night on my Doberman - he had a weird scabby patch on his neck, once it was cleaned up it looked like a hot spot. (bc a dobe with a hot spot is SO common 🙄)
Anyway, when I checked it this morning, the spot was no longer open/red/raw. It was fairly dried out and looked pretty damn good for overnight! 
I'll definitely be buying more and keeping this stuff on hand!